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New Mueller Hinton now available!

14 August 2018

Mast Group Ltd is a market leading manufacturer and supplier of in -vitro diagnostic product solutions for the Microbiology sector. With 60 years of experience in this field and 50 years’ experience in the development of dehydrated culture manufacture. Mast Group Ltd is committed to providing quality products you can rely on.

Culture media was developed to support the growth of micro-organisms to enable

  • Transport of microorganisms
  • Isolation and general culture
  • Presumptive identification of specific bacteria
  • Antibiotic susceptibility test.

Mast are pleased to announce the arrival of their new Mueller Hinton AST agar (DM170D).  A light straw /white coloured media, developed specifically for antibiotic susceptibility testing.

Originally developed as the standard medium for the Kirby Bauer method, it is now the media specified by both EUCAST and CLSI for antibiotic susceptibility testing. The new Mast® Mueller Hinton improved performance is a loose agar allowing for a better diffusion of antibiotics than other medias, which in turn leads to a truer zone of inhibition, allowing for easy interpretation of your antibiotic disc results.

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