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Important Changes to Carba Plus Calculator Spreadsheet for D73C

1 June 2018

As part of Mast Group Ltd.’s commitment to quality and continual improvement, an update to the ‘D73C Carba plus Calculator Spreadsheet v1.0’ used for interpretation of MASTDISCS® Combi Carba plus (D73C) has been issued.  Also in line with this we have also applied a minor amendment to the Instructions for use (IFU190)

Details of the changes are outlined below:

D73C Carba plus Calculator Spreadsheet v1.0 to v1.1

  • In version 1.0 a ‘Negative for Carbapenemase Production’ result is interpreted as discs A – D having a difference of 2mm or less and disc E having a zone diameter greater than 10mm. On version 1.1, if a ‘Negative for Carbapenemase Production’ result is obtained BUT resistance is shown on disc A (zone diameter of 6mm) this will now show as ‘EQUIVOCAL – further testing required’.

Please register, or log on and visit the registered members area to access D73C-Carba_Plus_Calculator_v1.1.xlsx

IFU190 v3 to v4

  • For the IFU to match the D73C calculator an updated will include ‘negative result’ as below:
  • If an equivocal or negative result is generated but resistance to disc A is shown, the organism may still be expressing a carbapenemase enzyme. Molecular testing or MASTDISCS® ID Indirect Carbapenemase Test (ICT) can be performed to verify this.

Please click here to view the updated IFU

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