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Important Changes to ESBL Calculator Spreadsheet for D68C

20 April 2018

As part of Mast Group Ltd.’s commitment to quality and continual improvement, an update to the ‘ESBL Calculator Spreadsheet V10.2’ used for interpretation of AMPC + ESBL DETECTION SET (D68C) has been issued.

Details of the changes are outlined below:

Version number changed from V10.2 to V10.3

Currently, the limitation section in the Instructions For Use (IFU) states that no zones on all discs could indicate carbapenemase production, potentially masking ESBL/ AmpC production. However, if entered into the calculator it reads “NEGATIVE FOR ESBL & AMPC. Further work required, consider presence of carbapenemase using D70C”.

The calculator spreadsheet has been updated in line with the IFU, so that if a zone of 6 mm is entered into the calculator for each disc, the calculator will return “EQUIVOCAL. Further work required - consider presence of carbapenemase using D73C”.

Note: D70C Carbapenemase Detection Set has been superseded by D73C MASTDISCS® Combi Carba Plus.

Please register, or log in and visit the registered members area to access D68C-ESBL_AmpC_Calculator_v10.3.xls

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