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Mast Matters: 60th Year Commemorative Issue

30 November 2017

MAST® was formed in 1957 and celebrated its 60th year in business in 2017. The UK operation is based at MAST® House, formerly the Bootle General Hospital, which was originally opened in 1872. Complementing the historic building MAST® has recently opened a modern manufacturing facility on the same site, with further works being completed in 2018.

MAST® has subsidiary companies in both France and Germany and from these three sites operates in over 70 countries worldwide directly and through a global distributor network. It is now recognised a leading European independent manufacturer and supplier of diagnostic products for clinical, industrial and veterinary testing

To commemorate our 60th anniversary MAST® has compiled a newsletter with many interesting articles related to Microbiology and AMR.

Articles included

  1. 60 years of Microbiology, Antibiotics and Vaccines by Dr Trevor Winstanley
  2. Sudan - Impressions in a Medical Health Care Environment by Dr Sieghard Frischmann
  3. Malawi by Shirley Westwood
  4. MAST® and AMR by Asdaq Hussain

Click Here to download the full article because MASTMATTERS

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