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AmpC, ESBL & Carbapenemase Detection Set - D72C

28 September 2017

MAST® are pleased to announce the latest addition to the MASTDISCS® combi range AmpC, ESBL & Carbapenemase Detection Set - D72C. D72C is a six-disc system that has been developed for the detection of Gram-negative resistance in Enterobacteriaceae including:

• ESBL positive strains

• AmpC (derepressed/hyperproduced, plasmid mediated and inducible) positive strains

• Co-production of AmpC and ESBL enzymes

• Screening for the production of carbapenemase enzymes.

The test is a combination disc set comprised of cefpodoxime, various inhibitors and a penem antibiotic. These components are used in combination to stimulate a synergistic reaction and interpretation is based on a difference between zone sizes for each disc.  D72C can be used in conjunction with D73C – Carbapenemase Detection Set, to confirm and differentiate suspected carbapenemase production in Enterobacteriaceae.

When used with the MAST® DISCMASTER™ disc dispenser series, D72C can be easily integrated into existing laboratory workflows, and maintains an in-use shelf life of 4 weeks when employing a charged desiccant.

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