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MAST ASSURE™ Bacterial Agglutinating Antisera

2 August 2017

MAST ASSURE™ Bacterial Agglutinating Antisera products are a comprehensive range of polyvalent and monovalent diagnostic antisera for bacterial identification. MAST ASSURE™ Antisera products are used globally for antigenic analysis of clinically significant bacteria such as Salmonella spp, Shigella spp, Vibrio cholerae, Escherichia coli and many more.

The MAST ASSURE™ product range promises high quality performance, simple slide, and test tube agglutination methods and easy to read results. All antisera are derived from immunized rabbits, adsorbed to remove cross agglutinins and filter sterilized. Presented in 2ml dropper bottles,

MAST ASSURE™ antisera products are user friendly and ensure minimal laboratory wastage.


Products Available from the MAST ASSURE™ Bacterial Agglutinating Antisera range

E.coli O Antisera – Monovalent
E.coli O Antisera – Polyvalent
E.coli H Antisera – Polyvalent
E.coli H Antisera – Monovalent
H.influenzae Antisera
Salmonella O Antisera – Monovalent
Salmonella O Antisera – Polyvalent
Salmonella H Antisera – Monovalent
Salmonella H Antisera – Polyvalent
Shigella Antisera – Monovalent
Shigella Antisera – Polyvalent
Vibrio Antisera
Campylobacter Antisera
Legionella O-Grouping Sera
Listeria Antisera
Staphylococcal Coagulase Typing Antisera
Haemolytic Streptococcus Group-B Typing Antisera
Streptococcus pneumoniae Typing Antisera
Yersinia enterocolitica O- Grouping Antisera


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