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30 June 2017

MAST ADATAB™ are tablets consisting of a measured dose of antibiotic which can be added to media to produce plates containing a known concentration of antibiotic. This concentration may be adjusted by calculating the number of ADATAB™ added to a given volume of medium. Suspensions of organisms are then applied to the surface of the agar, usually with a multipoint inoculator, and incubated overnight. Resistance or sensitivity is judged by growth or absence of growth on one or more concentrations of antibiotics being tested.  

They may be used for routine agar susceptibility testing, for either break-point or full MIC.



  • Easy to use

    • 25 tablets per pack – each suitable for addition to 100ml

  • Colour coded to indicate content

  • Good stability

    • 2 year shelf life for most antibiotics

  • Tablets dissolve rapidly in agar
  • No weighing or diluting

    • Added directly to medium

  • Wide range of antibiotics available
  • Suitable for fast and slow growing organisms including anaerobes

  • Recommended for low cost multipoint inoculation


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