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Mast Group Ltd. offers its extensive range of microbiology and immunology products through its Subsidiary companies and a global network of Distributors. Mast also offers in certain countries other quality Diagnostic products from several internationally renowned manufacturers.

Latest News
MAST®ICT - Indirect Carbepenemase Test
MAST® are pleased announce the latest addition to the mastdiscs® ID range – MAST®ICT (D74), a paper test device, based on the principles of the Indirect Carbapenemase Test (ICT). Due to misuse and overuse of antibiotics, antibiotic resistance has quickly disseminated and is
NEW Ceftazadime/avibactam AST discs available from MAST
MAST® is happy to announce the launch of a new addition to the mastdiscs® range – Ceftazadime/avibactam 10-4 (CZA14C) and Ceftazadime/avibactam 30-20 (CZA50C), which are available now! Marketed commercially as Zavicefta, this novel compound combines ceftazidime and avibactam to provide
Anyplex™ II – HPV DNA Detection
Human papillomavirus (HPV) has been identified as the leading cause of cervical cancer in women. Over 150 different HPV types have been identified but only a subset are implicated as major risk factors for cervical cancer such as HPV types 16 and 18. Co-infection of high risk and low risk HPV types

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