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IgG Subclass detection- nephelometry

Deficiencies of IgG subclasses are an indication of a disturbed immune response.

The major clinical indication for measuring IgG subclasses is the occurrence of abnormally frequent and/or prolonged of severe infections that cannot be explained by usual clinical and laboratory data.

Nephelometric quantification is based upon the specific reaction of a monospecific, highly avid anti IgG subclass antiserum. The generated immune complexes are quantified by measuring side scattered light.

The PeliClass™ nephelometric assays are suitable for use with the Beckman Coulter IMMAGE and ARRAY and Dade Behring BN100 and BNA analysers and offer the following benefits:

  • Rapid- short incubation times
  • Readily automated
  • Suitable for high throughput routine measurement

Product Name    
IgG MoAb'S - 4x 1ml CLB-M1327



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