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Mast Isoplex Bacterial kits

Mast Isoplex is a new range of molecular biology products for infectious disease diagnostics.  These in vitro diagnostic kits are based on the novel loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) technology which utilises four primers recognising 6 distinct regions of the target gene sequence, making the assays particularly specific.

The first addition to the range is Mast Isoplex VTEC for the detection of all verotoxin producing E. coli (VTEC), including sorbitol fermenting E. coli O157, and non-O157 VTEC strains, overcoming the limitations of culture where the focus is purely on E. coli O157, although these only account for between 20% and 50% of all VTEC infections.

Mast Isoplex VTEC is a simple, rapid and efficient test, detecting all VTEC direct from stool samples within 1 hour, including sample preparation.  It can be read visually, minimising the need for dedicated equipment or on Real-time PCR systems, making the assay suitable for all laboratory settings.


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