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Antibiotic susceptibility testing rings

MASTRING-S is an antibiotic susceptibility ring device for the convenient, simultaneous testing of the equivalent of 6 or 8 antibiotic discs.

The use of a unique hydrophobic barrier on the paper ring device ensures that the antibiotic impregnated tips function as individual antibiotic susceptibility discs, generating precise circular zones of inhibition for measurement of the zone diameter.

MAST has a range of antibiotic susceptibility rings available from stock, but the majority of customers purchase rings made to their individual customised specification.

MASTRING-S is therefore a convenient and flexible alternative to using individual discs for antibiotic susceptibility studies.

  • Available as 6 or 8 tipped antibiotic susceptibility testing rings.
  • Stock specifications for Gram positive bacteria, Gram negative bacteria and Urine isolates.
  • Personalised manufacture to customer specification with low minimum order quantity.
  • Flexible application in all laboratories.
  • Convenient and simple to use.
  • Strict quality control to standards required for single antibiotic susceptibility discs.


Product Name    
MASTRING-S - 100rings/tin M13
MASTRING-S - 100rings M14
MASTRING-S - 100rings M26
MASTRING-S - 100rings M43
MASTRING-S - 100rings M47
MASTRING-S - 100rings M48



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