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Products for diagnostic and research applications in veterinary laboratories to indicate, identify and detect infection and inflammation in a wide range of animal species.

Products encompass a variety of methods including traditional microbiological analysis through to molecular techniques for nucleic acid isolation and detection.

  • Culture media and selective supplements for isolation or enrichment of bacteria from veterinary samples.
  • Discs, rings and tablets impregnated with antibiotics for susceptibility testing by disc diffusion and multipoint technology.
  • Serological assays for protein, antibody and antigen detection by agglutination and ELISA.
  • Serological tests for the quantification of acute phase proteins as indicators of inflammation

Mast's expertise in microbiology offers veterinary laboratories the capability to detect many of the most common and relevant bacterial, protozoan and nematode veterinary parasites including MRSA, Toxoplasma, and Mycoplasma bovis



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